Homemade dog food recipes for senior dogs

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 Homemade dog food recipes for senior dogs
  1. what is Guidelines for use to make his own recipes ?

 Vitamins and nutritional values Just like us, dogs need certain vitamins. We advise you to Mix these recipes with your usual food. In this way, your dog will receive with certainty all the vitamins necessary for his well-being.

Pay attention to the proportions. Dogs older or taller will eat more than puppies or small dogs. Prefer smaller portions to avoid any risk overweight.

Here is the list of values nutritional information your dog has needed daily

  • 40% protein: meat, fish, eggs

and dairy products.

  • 10% carbohydrates: cereals and beans.      

50% vegetables.

  • Fats from oils and meats
  • Calcium: present in various foods but

also available as supplements.

  • Fatty acids: cooked egg yolks, oat flakes,

vegetable oils and others.

Homemade dog food recipes for senior dogs

What foods can dogs   never eat?

Some recipes will look like

strongly to recipes for man.

However, some ingredients are

very toxic for the dog and can

even lead to his death.

It is therefore extremely important  that you be careful when you cook for your pet.

If your dog still has eat a dangerous food, directly contact your veterinarian and tell him the

amount and type of food swallowed.



Chocolate is toxic to the heart and blood vessels.

nervous system. Absorbed in large quantities it can cause the death of your puppy.

Fish bones and bones

Poultry bones, rabbit bones and cooked bones are brittle and therefore risk lacerating its



Onions are very toxic to the blood of your puppy.


Quelques gorgées suffisent pour désorienter votre chien. Une ingestion en grande quantité peut s’avérer mortelle pour lui.

Les conséquences d’une ingestion d’une trop grande quantité d’avocats peuvent être fatales pour votre chiot.
Whether dry or fresh, grapes are very dangerous. Intoxication from 4 grams per kilo
for raisins.

Ingested in large quantities, salt is potentially lethal to your puppy. Intoxication from 4 grams per kilo.

SNACK for dog
Homemade dog food recipes for senior dogs

The snacks are undoubtedly
the most effective dog formula
often made at home. They
are also easy to prepare
and can be donated outside
normal meals for your dog.
Here you do not have especially
need to pay attention to the
nutrient intakes like your
dog receives this snack in addition
of his daily diet.

Biscuits with butter peanut:

Dogs love peanut butter and thanks to these cookies, you will be able to incorporate fish oil in their diet. 

The oil of fish contains Omega 3 and makes your dog's coat is healthier and stronger.

Buy Organic Peanut Butters or make your own liniment with peanut oil and peanuts. The industrial peanut butters contain often oils and other added products that are harmful.


Preheat the furnace to 175°C.            

Mix the flour and oat flakes in a large container.

 Add 240ml of water and mix well the whole thing. Then add peanut butter, peanut butter honey and fish oil. 

Pour the rest of the water little by little, while continuing to stir.

Spread your dough and cut out shapes. Place them on your plaque and leave

Cook for 40 minutes.

Let the cookies cool before serving them at your dog. 


260 g flour

90 g of flakes of oats

240 ml of butter of peanut

1 tablespoon of honey

1/2 tablespoon of oil of fish

360 ml of water

Homemade dog food recipes for senior dogs

if you have any question do not hesitate to  leave it in comment , we will be hppy to answer you.

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