Pug Food advices

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Pug food advices

                                     Beware of sweets, it wouldn't be good for the health and weight of this little pig. He tends to want to eat the same thing as you, be resistant if he begs you for leftovers! Many people will be touched by his big sad eyes, but he is particularly prone to being overweight.

It's best to stay away from grocery store kibbles, which use inexpensive, low-nutrient ingredients such as corn and wheat, and which must be eaten in larger quantities by the dog. A better quality formula will not cost much more in the long run, but it will promote the pug's good health.

The puppy should eat between three and four meals a day, but it is preferable to switch to two meals a day around the age of six months. It is also at this time that you can opt for a food formula for adult dogs. The amount of kibble to offer will vary depending on size, age and activity level - your vet or breeder can help you determine the right portions.

Finally, remove his bowl between meals to avoid force-feeding, but always give him access to a bowl of water to satisfy his thirst.  click for more

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