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 what is ketogenic diet ?

     _-keto dog food 

The ketogenic diet is a diet rich in lipids that has become particularly fashionable in recent years. However, it has been used for nearly a hundred years to treat certain pathologies, including epilepsy. This diet aims to considerably reduce the consumption of carbohydrates in favor of lipids to cause a state of ketosis. Beyond significant weight loss, it would have many health benefits.

Characteristics of the ketogenic diet :

  • Very high lipid consumption (75% of intake)
  • Unchanged protein intake
  • Considerable reduction in carbohydrate intake
  • Causes unpleasant symptoms in the first few weeks 
  • Rapid weight loss
The state of ketosis would have many health benefits (renewed energy, protection against certain pathologies...etc.

is a keto diet safe for dogs?

  the  Ketogenic diets are focusing on fats , which generally increases the risk increases the risk of pancreatitis for your cats and dogs if they swallow traditiona l'' Chinese medicine '' coconut, avocado  or other oils ,or even if they swallow foods containing oils. So be careful not to let your cats or dogs overindulge in fats

How do I feed My dog on a ketogenic diet?

follow this plan

An adequate protein intake where the dog will be able to satisfy his needs in amino acids, coming from meat, small fish, such as sardines, mackerel, and eggs. ((Be careful with the egg white that will have to be cooked, the vitamin K that it contains acts as an anti-nutrient for the dog.

My opinion about meat: Following the example of BARF (dog feeding method based on raw meat), I think that raw meat allows to keep more nutrients without altering the meat. Aware that dogs' stomachs are initially better adapted to it.

Nevertheless, the dog's impressive ability to adapt to its environment did not play in its favor by staying at the side of humans. Feeding him according to his will//power. He may have adapted better over time, to a cooked diet, at least in part. My dog does not tolerate 100% raw food.
By privileging the saturated fatty acids of animal origin (preferably those demonized in the 70s): butter, lard, egg yolk, offal, fatty meat ...
To a lesser extent the monounsaturated: duck fat, olive oil, etc.
In lower proportion the poly-unsaturated ''omega3/6'': cod liver oil,
egg yolk*. (Note: Polyunsaturates are not significantly present in the adipose tissue of herbivores potentially consumed in nature. Be careful not to overdose. Be careful to maintain a balance of 1:1 between omega 3 and omega 6.

What is the healthiest food for your dog?

Brown rice is a healthy and easily digestible food for dogs. Unless your dog is gluten intolerant, brown rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates. Brown rice is high in fibre, low in fat and is much less processed than white rice.
For household food, a "typical" ration will include: 1/3 meat (10 to 15g per kilo) or cooked fish. 1/3 of rice cooked for a very long time which brings energy. The daily amount will be adapted to your dog's energy needs.
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Take care of your dog, If You have any question don't hesitate to leave in a comment , we Will Be Happy to  answer You. 

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