exercises that you will help in the education of your dog

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How do you teach your dog to be clean? 

Driving your dog in the right environment The canine species does not have the notion of right and wrong established by human beings. Therefore, your puppy does not understand that it is not okay to pee in the living room. For him, the tile or, even worse, the carpet, remains a surface like any other on which he can relieve himself. It is then up to you to show him the most suitable places.

It is fundamental to always lead your puppy to the same place Don't hesitate to take him out on a leash, so that he can do the following its needs where you have decided. This can be in the
garden, in front of the tree in front of your building, etc...
 it doesn't matter as long as you don't vary the location. He needs to know exactly where his toilet is. Teaching your puppy to be clean means teaching him not to clean himself.to relieve inside
 but also not to eliminate anywhere in the body   outside.
While walking, let him walk on the side of the gutter and in the grass as soon as possible, so that it does not make his needs on the sidewalk. When they are done,be generous with rewards and continue your walk. Don't come back from or next time, he will take everything you need. his time just for the pleasure of prolonging the outing.
Recognize signals

During his first months of life, your puppy has somevery distinct life times. He eats, he sleeps, he plays and explores the world around him. Observe it and look for clues that may indicate you are in the mood to eliminate. Your little ball of hair starts to turn in circles, sniffing the ground before squatting. Don't wait longer to take it outside! And then like babies, your little canine knows very well how to make themselves understood. Unlike a infant, he's not going to cry and ask you to do it. something, he's going to get rather excited. Maybe he'll will he bite you, bark at you, and bark without discontinuing, scratching the door, squeaking, etc. So many signs you can't miss,
which clearly mean that he will relieve himself. within seconds. It is then time to direct it to the place where you want it to go. relief.
Limit space
To start cleanliness education on a regular basis, you can good basics, put your puppy in a small room with a small room. The bathroom will do the job perfectly. Just like human beings, a canine does not sleep and never eats out of his excrement. The goal is to use your instinct.
natural to help him control his bladder. In addition, it will feel safer than in a big city.
house he does not know. Less stressed, he will have less likely to relieve themselves indoors.
as soon as you are away. It is for all those reasons why it can be smart to invest in
baby safety gates to delineate an area where a baby can be part of the room, or in a niche or a niche in a room. cage to its size. He must be able to stand up and to lie down with ease, without too much of space either. Otherwise, he will certainly find the to use the toilet in a corner, which is not a good idea. will not prevent him from sleeping on the other side. In the
case you are the happy owner of a puppy to become strong, please note that there are some
scalable models that follow the growth of your small protected. When you are at home, leave the door of your home open. cage, its niche or the open safety gate
so that your puppy can wander around in the home as he wishes. His space dedicated to him must
be warm and welcoming. It should contain toys, chewy treats and a blanket
for more comfort. There is a good chance that that your sweet companion makes some immediately its cosy little nest. If he fails to the place, let him get used to it little by little.
small. He must never associate his cage, his kennel or the piece attributed to him as a punishment. 

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