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 Character of the Pug

In the canine world, the Pug's character is considered to be comparable to that of a little clown. It's not his curious, very wrinkled face, flat nose nor his big black eyes that make you smile, but the extraordinary sense of humour of this dog. With a Pug, every day has its share of new nonsense and nonsense, usually resulting in a good laugh for the owners.

This dog is incredibly playful. In spite of his very short legs, he likes to move and exercise himself. He is astonishingly skillful when jumping, playing games of skill or even accompanying his master on a short bike ride.

Moreover, the Pug is a real pooch that likes to stay at home. He sleeps a lot and loves little naps, lulled by his gentle snoring. In his basket, on the sofa or huddled on his master's lap, everything suits him! However, he cannot be called a small apartment dog. The Pug's character can change from one minute to the next! He can look quite calm or even lethargic and suddenly show exceptional dynamism, if something has aroused his curiosity. In these cases, the Pug will wag its tail, hop around and enjoy playing with its master or doing something else. In general, they are appreciated by their fellow pugs.

This big-hearted little fellow loves his master above all else and loves to accompany him wherever he goes. He follows his master's every move and is therefore a faithful companion. When he gets upset, for example when he feels that his master doesn't give him the attention he deserves, he can be stubborn and obstinate. When he pretends not to hear or see you, and deliberately ignores you, laughter is guaranteed!

This cheerful little dog does not bark or display aggressive behaviour. As such, it may underestimate the warning signs of a dangerous situation or even fail to detect them, for example, when it encounters other aggressive dogs. Pugs rarely allow themselves to be intimidated by other dogs. Perhaps he is proud to be a member of the molossoid category, according to the FCI's criteria.

cutest pug

History of the Pug

Although the Pug is perceived by the FCI as a breed originating from England, this dog is actually originating from China. It has been bred there for more than 2000 years as a dog, like dog. Today, it belongs to the category of molossoids, according to the FCI.

In the days of imperial China, having a Pug was a real privilege. This dog was considered the "emperor's dog": only the emperor could enjoy the company of a Pug and touch it. The life of these dogs was luxurious, to say the least. It was not uncommon for them to have the protection of a bodyguard.

The people could then retrieve these dogs when they were not suitable for breeding. Even in these cases, individuals wishing to purchase a Pug had to pay considerable sums of money. Thanks to the Dutch East India Company, this dog made its appearance in the Netherlands in the 1500s. The Pug conquered a few noble houses and became the beloved lapdog of distinguished ladies. During industrialization and the decline of the nobility houses, the Pug gradually fell into oblivion.

It is thanks to English breeders that the Pug breed avoided extinction. In the 1900's, this dog celebrated its comeback and gained more and more admirers all over the world. Over the years and through different breeding styles, some clich├ęs have emerged about the character of the Pug. They are said to be "lazy, dull and voracious". In any case, true lovers of Pugs know how to appreciate the company of these dogs at its true value.

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